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NGE is proud developer of Tamilnadu's 1st Private 110 KV SS for solar power plant

turnkey solution for solar energy

Welcome to Natrinai green energy, we are a young and experienced dynamic team with skill, knowledge & technology people who deliver complete solution to your solar energy needs.

We offer new way approach to solar plants which has win-win combination to everyone

From Land, Panels, Inverter and upto statutory procedure we produce the best in class SERVICE.

great things are never done by a one person, they are done by a team-STEVEJOBS

Our Services

we do work on different aspects of the project from funding to commissioning of the entire project, we do deliver the service as a single package where customers get delighted with entire work is carried by NGE


- 30 yrs lease
- with legal cleared 
- near to SS


Ground mounted & rooftop plants

- most premium & quality  sites

Investment models

- Investing on solar plants
- Monthly EMI

financials & funding

- Bank funding 
- Private funding 

Energy storage and solar farms

- Battery storage 

O & M

- complete end to end strong & experienced 
O & M team 

Inverter, transformers, SCADA


- Highest quality& effecieny

NGE - 10/1 POOLING SS - 1st in Tamilnadu for solar park was commissioned on March 2023

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